DATE OF BIRTH: 14-08-1989


I discovered climbing by accident, when I went to a sports camps so I took my first steps on the rocks. As soon as I got back, I signed up to a climbing club and I never looked back. I spent one year learning the basics and the technique. Then, I started climbing on my own, I read a lot of books and articles on the Internet and I asked my more experienced friends thousands of questions. I would register the progress, but it was very slow – maybe that’s why I never got seriously injured. I think that the real training started 2-3 years ago, since I got the knowledge and experience that others shared with me. I’ve made friends with weights and functional training. I should give huge thanks to my trainer for this. I’ve been taking part in competitions ‘since always’ because I like it and it gives me a boost of adrenaline. I always give my 200%, no matter whether I end of in the first or the last ten. I went to the first Poland Championship because Adidas was the sponsor of the competition and the pack included their T-shirts ;) In the meantime, I did a trainer course and now I teach others how to take the first steps in the climbing world and how to improve later on. After 10 years, training and solving climbing puzzles still gives me an incredible amount of pleasure, whether it’s at a competition, on the rocks, boulders, or with a rope.

For those who like statistics ;)
Best climbing results:
Bouldering: 7B RP
Lead: VI.4+ RP

Competitions – the most important results from the past few months
1st place female only vol.3, Warsaw 2018
4th place Poland Bouldering Cup, Poznań 2017
5th place Poland Bouldering Cup, Gdańsk 2017
6th place Poland Bouldering Championship, Łódź 2017