DATE OF BIRTH: 04-04-1995


If I was a character from the movie Ameila, the narrator would present me this way: ‘This skinny guy is Adam. He’s colour blind. He’s been climbing more than half of his life. He likes peeling pomegranates, change gears in the car and lie on the floor after a hard workout. He doesn’t like blunt knives, getting socks for birthday or when a dishwasher leaves some dirt on the dishes.’ My life revolves around climbing. I’m a routesetter (I set up routes/ boulders), I give classes, I study at University of Physical Education and I read a lot about climbing. I love doing my best and doing things well. I usually spend 4-5 hours a day training. I like challenges and variety and I want to be as versatile as possible. However, I’m mainly focused on the rocks abroad. As every climber who thinks about the future, I’ve been doing some work to switch the industry and become a programmer ;)

A selection of numbers from various categories:

West 2017-2019:
Joe Blau 8c+ RP
8 x 8c in a single season
Pig on the roof 8b OS
Blomu 8c+ RP

Poland 2017:
Batalion Skała VI.7 RP
Linia Specjalna VI.5/+ OS

Multi-pitch climbing 2016:
Opętanie X (8b) RP 120m, second attempt/one day, first repetition of the most difficult route in Polish Tatra Mountains. By the way, my first route ever was a route in the Tatra Mountains ;)
Wędrówka Dusz IX+ RP 800m, one day, along with Karolina Ośka.

Deep Water Solo:
Snatch 8b DWS
Smash it in! 8a FL DWS
Rońatron 7c+ OS DWS

Routesetting competitions:
2nd place Polish Routesetting Championships at BloKato 2017

1st place Antygrawitacja 2015 Poznań (bouldering)
2nd place Murall Challenge 2018 (duel)
2nd place Bouldering competition at Sofia Univeristy

8A+ fb, 7C fl (Magic Wood)