Clean Start Bag


We designed Clean Start Bag for two distinct purposes. Not only it is a convenient and stylish bag for your climbing shoes, but it also serves as a clean start rug. The bag will help you keep your climbing shoe tips clean by avoiding contact with the ground.

Strap color
Back color

Main functions:

  • A bag for shoes and accessories
  • A rug that guarantees a start with clean shoes
  • Great as a small backpack or a bag to use when you go for a walk or head to a climbing wall

How it’s made:

  • Clean Start Bag was designed and made in Poland
  • It’s got one large chamber (40 cm x 30 cm) and a side pocket (15 cm x 10 cm), both closed with a zip
  • On the top, there’s a handle that can be used to hold, hang or attach the bag
  • At the corners, there are loops that make it easier to unzip the bag and can be used to attach various accessories. Thanks to the bottom loops, the handle and the stripe that comes with the set, you can use Clean Start Bag as a bag or a backpack

Fabrics used:

  • The top, absorbent layer is made of Microfibre. It helps you remove the moist and the dirt from your shoes
  • The bottom layer is made of durable, waterproof Cordura 560*
  • The lining is made of polyester


  • Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Bottom layer: 100% Nylon (Cordura)
  • Top layer: 82% Polyester 18% Polyamid (Microfibre)


  • Bag size: 40 cm x 30 cm
  • Strap size: width - 2 cm, length can be adjusted from 75 cm to 1,5 m

*find out more about the fabric on the manufacturer’s website: