Warm Up Hangboard XL '21


WARM UP XL Hangboard is a portable board designed to let you warm up and train your fingers. The XL version is wider than the 2.0 version and it’s made for those who prioritize comfort and greater training possibilities over a compact size.


The WARM UP XL Hangboard is portable, easy to install and it gives you the option of a wide grip. Using verified solutions, we created a Hangboard that can be used at home or any other place where you feel like doing a harder, more efficient workout that will help you strengthen your fingers, biceps and your back, but also will be safe for your shoulders. Thanks to the comfortable wide grip, pull-ups become pure pleasure. WARM UP '21 means warm-up and mobility, and the XL version means, above all, an efficient workout.


  • Deep grip, comfortable for pull-ups
  • 24 mm, 20 mm, 16 mm, 12 mm crimps
  • Quick crimps switch system (180° spin)

Technical data:

  • Material: high-quality plywood with reinforcing aluminium elements
  • Weight: 580 g
  • Size: 570x65x30 mm

The set contains:

  • WARM UP XL Hangboard
  • Two spacers that are fitted with a spring-like mechanism that prevents them from accidentally falling out.
  • Cord
  • Manual

Whether you’re home, rock climbing, on holidays, at your family or on a business trip, all you need is a branch, or a bar, or a ring, or a wooden beam to pump it up a bit with your Hangboard ;)

Check out the manual